Habitat Magazine featured a story on Georgetown Mews’ complete recovery from early sponsor issues.

Georgetown Mews was converted into a cooperative in 1986, and has earned a reputation for having an involved, informed and active board, and hands-on property management.

The building is a member of the Council of New York Cooperatives & Condominiums, and long-time Georgetown Mews board member Mary Fischer is also a member of the CNYC board.

Like many cooperatives, Georgetown Mews faced many hurdles after its conversion. But by paying close attention to the financial, physical and sales aspects of operating the cooperative, the board and the managing agent were able to turn Georgetown Mews into the fiscally sound, well-run property that it is today.

Georgetown Mews offers all of the advantages of co-op living, with the added feature of “community”. Close-knit, friendly and inviting, Georgetown Mews is a great place to live.