MAY 18, 2012

To: All Residents
Re: Window Air Conditioners

Dear Residents:

Please be advised that the House Rules of the Corporation does not permit anyone to have an air conditioner installed in a window, unless you have received an authorization letter from the on-site management office.

If you have received an authorization letter from the office and you are ready to install the window unit you MUST call the office in order to schedule the installation with the new window blanks supplied by Kelly windows.

If you have installed a window unit without written permission you are in violation of the house rules and will be sent to legal.

You will be responsible for any and all damages that you have caused to the window, all legal fees incurred, and possibly voiding out the warranty from the window manufacturer.

Thanking you in advance for your immediate cooperation and understanding regarding this matter

Robert D’Amico, RAM
Property Manager

Cc: Board of Directors

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