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Georgetown Mews Shareholder Services


New York City Government

New York City Government: Agencies

New York State Government

Federal Government

Government: Additional Resources

  • NYCLink. Links to home pages for the Mayor and other elected officials. A resource for contacting government.
  • NYC Complaints & Govt. Resource Guide
  • NEW!! Who Represents Me?. The New York Public Interest Research Group (NYPIRG)’s Web-based service that enables anyone with a New York City address to easily find and contact the public officials who represent them at all levels of government.



  • The Cooperator. News and features for co-op and condo boards and shareholders.
  • Habitat Magazine. News and features for co-op and condo boards and shareholders. The website offers articles from previous issues and a co-op/condo bulletin board.
  • Inman Real Estate News (IRED). A daily compendium of real estate articles and mortgage information.

Mortgages and Financing

National Cooperative Bank. National Cooperative Bank provides a broad array of financial products and services to cooperatively-organized enterprises and their members throughout the United States. Chartered by Congress in 1978, and privatized three years later, NCB has developed a solid franchise within its unique market segments, including a 20 percent share of the cooperative housing market.

Suppliers & Vendors